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Film Director, Cameraman, Editor

Frédéric Tenentap
Phone: 53 723 71 69 / Balfour Street Bat Yam
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Since … 20 years !

-Film Director / reporter : Institutional films, reports, interviews, news.
-Studio : Tricaster, Sony Anycast, virtual set, TV studio designer
-Cameraman : All kind…
-EDITOR: Avid, Final Cut, DVD StudioPro
-Graphics : Photoshop & InDesign

-English fluent / French fluent

-Film Director / MANITOU:
-4 « testimonial » films / 2 cameras across Europe for the presentation of the new range of telescopic handling equipment.

-Film Director / L’OREAL:
-Realizer and production director of a series of 4 e-learning films shot in the studio with inlay of virtual sets

Film Director
/ APRODEMA : Series of 5 films for promotion agricultural trades, presented by Jérôme Bonaldi.
/ CINEQUANON and SYNAPSE: – Event and institutional reports (festival of Suresnes, reports on the auditors, works councils, etc …).
-Film Director and TV studio Designer
/ SALON DES ENERGIES RENOUVELABLES: -Creation and exploitation of a 3-camera set, Tricaster, 30 interviews of managers of different stands short reports.
-Film Director
/ TV AGRI: -WebTV reports and news. 7 weekly programs.
-Film Director and Production Director
/ PRATIS.COM: -Production, supervision and realization of 20 programs, reports and TV studio from 6 to 13 minutes.
-Creation and exploitation of a green background studio and Tricaste.
-Reporter : reports on conferences (San Francisco, Brussels, Rome) and TV studio designer Tricaster 3 cameras during these international meetings.
-Film Director
/ CLUB AVENTURE: -8 advertising reports from 6 to 13 mn on the tourist destinations (Sahara) of a tour operator specializing in trekking and adventure travels. DVD creations.
-Film Director
– 6 minutes advertising clips for Sezz, Ambassador and Saint James hotels. DVD creations. 2002-2005

– Film Director
/ TFN: -8 institutional reports of 6 mn presenting all the companies of this multiservices group and creation of a DVD serving as a visual support to the group’s sales representatives.
-Realization of an institutional film retracing the 60 years of evolution of the group and its future projects, creation of the DVD, installation of a broadcasting company for the screenings of the film in the different rooms and realization of the event film of the evening anniversary.
-Film Director
/ SHOW WHO’S NEXT, READY TO WEAR and MIDEC: -Creation and capture of the shows (3 or 4 cameras, Sony AnyCast control) and achievements of the trays of interviews of the creators and laureates for a live broadcast on the websites Exhibition organizers.
-Producer, Editor
/ INTIZEN (South Korea): -15 daily news reports on the Cannes International Film Festival. French-Korean team. 2001
– Cameraman, Editor
/ EDF E-LEARNING SERVICE: -Organisation and live realization of videoconferencing training sessions. -Implementation of illustrative training reports. 2000
-Film Director
/ FRENCH ABIDJAN CULTURAL CENTER: – recordings of the performances played in the theater of the center. – commercials of the shows broadcast on the RTI.
/ FOCALE 13 (Abidjan): -4 TV movies « My name is Fargas », produced and directed by Henri Duparc.

1998-1995: School of Audiovisual Realization (ESRA / Paris).
1997-1994: Licence of Philosophy (Sorbonne / Paris).

-Art, technical & societal
– DRONES Development of my sites: -www.videodrone.one
-Web Site : www.videodrone.one
– and of course : Oulpan



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Frederic Tenentap

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