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Olivier BUTLER
Senior Technical Manager
20 years of experience – High-Tech & Customer Focused


Chief Technical Ma nager
WhiteCore – Paris, France – 2015-2016 – co-founder
IOT products monitoring humidity

Notable achievements :
Product development (electronics, hardware, software) from design to delivery.

Customer Support Manager
Devialet – Paris, France – 2013-2015
Missions :
Develop the customer support and the electronic industrialisation team .
Notable achievements :
Supervise the implementation of new processes for the customer support (management of product returns and repairs) and custom test tools (hardware and software).

Customer Support Manager
Apple – Paris, France – 2010-2013
Missions :
Manage and develop the support team (19 people).
Deal with customer pressure and unexpected events.
Maintain Quality and Service standards.
Notable achievements :
Meeting excellence in customer support and services (technical quality, duration).
More than 300 appointments per day managed.

Chief Technical Manager
Oze – Paris, France – 2006-2010 – co-founder
High-end consumer audio-video products

Missions :
Manage a range of high-end audio-video products targeting the luxury market.
Define the B2C et B2B targets, technical specifications & user interface.
Design all the electronics of  the products  and the embed software.
Manage industrial partners in France (3) and Taiwan (4) (R&D, purchase, production).
Notable achievements :
Product development  (electronics, marketing, documentation) from design to delivery of a range of 6 products.
Exhibition of the products at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.
Field Application & Support Engineer
Avnet-Memec – Palaiseau, France – 2001-2006
Semi-conductors distribution
Missions :
Manage the telecom product line (6M €/year) and get “design-win“.
Notable achievements :
Chosen by Free-Iliad for the 1st version of the Freebox (4M €/year) (ADSL chipsets).
R&D Project Manager
Aoip – Ris-Orangis, France – 1991-2001
High accuracy measuring instruments
Missions :
Design Leader of the telecom & calibration product range (team of 5 people).



Master’s Degree in Engineering
INSA – Lyon – 1990
electronics, electrotechnics, automation, industrial computing and telecommunications (EEAIIT)

Marketing B2B-B2C
Institut Sup. du Marketing – 2000

Groups & individual Coach
Mediat-Coaching – 2005
team-building, conflict resolutions, solution oriented process

Languages :
Fluent english, native french


Electronic : Low and strong signals, Hyper-frequency, EMC, uP (x86, ARM, MIPS, Intel, TI, Sigma Designs, Freescale), Wifi, Ethernet, analog & digital Audio, ATEX standards

Embedded Soft : Linux, ARM-BSP, MIPS-BSP, iOS

IT : Mac OS X, Linux ,Windows, Office, OpenOffice, Citrix, Salesforce, Novell, Allegro, Orcad, MS Project, Omniplan

Programming : C, C++, Sqlite, HTML, PHP, C#, Android/iOS App


Rugby, theater/movies, association activities, webmaster.

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Olivier Butler


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